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Science Buzz Cafe # 486 at the Grange Hall • SBC Farming & Finance Series Part 1: Growing Sustainable Children


September 27, 2021
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Daniel Osmer, Host

Thursday night October 21, 2021 we will be stepping out of our usual location and meet at the Sebastopol Grange Hall on Hwy. 12. The topic is the future of farming and the well being of our children’s children’s children! The more we can meet each other and work together toward our mutual needs here in West County, the better able we will be creating a sustainable and equitable regional economy (meeting human needs that is), therefore, relying less and less on the “wisdom of the market” OR the best intentions of the state. Steve Earle may be on to something when he says in his 2005 Grammy album, ‘The Revolution Starts Now’:

Yeah, the revolution starts now
In your own backyard
In your own hometown
So what you doin’ standin’ around?

FARMING and FINANCE: CSA’s, Land Trusts & Farms of Tomorrow

Growing Sustainable Children: Economics As If Children Mattered!
Now in its 15th year, Science & Economic Buzz Cafe will host a series of special events about the critical relationship between farming and finance – agriculture and credit. The first event will be held at the Sebastopol Grange Hall featuring two women of initiative dedicated to the development of sustainable farming as a framework for growing sustainable and vital children. Their work with children and young adults uses the power of imagination and storytelling, in the garden and on the farm, instilling a real love of the earth and a growing ‘sense of initiative’.

Both farmer and financier are tasked with making visible things that need to be drawn out of a seeming ‘nothing’. Vitality is the essential element of nourishing food as well as the essential element of a nourishing project – meaning one that actually meets true human needs – not merely money-making processes or means to gain power.1 Invisibly within the seed embedded in the Earth-soil, the plant sprouts, blooms and ripens; so too, invisibly within the Soul-soil of each child; Destiny sprouts, blooms and blossoms.

Finance needs to befriend farming and farming needs to befriend finance. They need each other, each for their own survival, so, how can the world of finance and credit be persuaded to invest in organic farming and NOT chemical farming? Can farmers and their supporters learn to appreciate and enter the world of credit access? What new financial instruments can we create that will provide the small farmer and the young farmer or future financial professional access to capital – without relying on collateral? How do we inspire youth to enter the world of finance and capital in order to have it work for and on behalf of humanity. Agriculture and Finance are NOT rightly ‘in’ the economy but are truly the boundaries of the economic process of value creation but are part of the commonweal to be shared.

Ronni Sands
Ronni has been the Garden Teacher at Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm in Santa, Rosa, California for 30 years. Previously a Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher, Ronni also has experience as a market gardener and house parent for handicapped adults. Currently she is teaching high school students gardening, basket weaving, herbal studies, and environmental studies. She is trained in Biodynamic Agriculture and is the co-author of the book “Growing Sustainable Children- A Garden Teacher’s Guide.”

Willow Summer
Willow and husband Lew manage Three Springs Community Farm on an 80-acre ranch near Bodega, California. This Biodynamic educational farm provides Farm Memberships (CSA), Farm Apprenticeships and school group visits. From 2013 to 2016 Willow led an urban farming apprenticeship for young adults at Berkeley’s Urban Adamah Farm. Her how-to book “The Essential Urban Farmer”, co-authored by Novella Carpenter, was published by Penguin Press in 2011, and the garden teaching guide, “Growing Sustainable Children”, was co-authored with Ronni Sands in 2017 (SteinerBooks).

Daniel Osmer
Daniel has been hosting Science & Economic Buzz Cafe events since 2007 that now takes place at the HopMonk ‘Abbey’ and Gravenstein Grill banquet room in Sebastopol, CA. In 1985 he was a participating member of the first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in America and began a 13-year stint as a homeowner in Monadnock Community Land Trust while running his Apple & IBM computer store he founded in 1982. Osmer is currently promoting the Associative Principle and a youth development bank to provide access to capital through the business and initiative plan contest for teens.
“The true nature of economic life is like a delicate suspension bridge that spans from the subtle world of nature and the mysteries of farming to the equally subtle world of finance and the mysteries of credit.” C. H. Budd, 2003, 21st Century Agriculture and Finance.

The Associative Principle: The purpose of capital is to fund human capacity building, skill development and their application. Economic Buzz Cafe is about economic conversation and capitalizing youth of all ages.